All organizations are organized into groups called “Teams”. All teams follow this permissions structure:

Permission Group Description Number of users allowed in this role
Owner Team Owner has all permissions across all projects and can manage billing. 1
Administrator Administrators have all permissions across all projects except billing. Many
Member Members have read and write access to each project. Many
Guests Anonymous feedback reporters who do not have an account with Bugflow. Many


There can only be one owner at a time. Owners are “super admins” which can control anything including managing billing.

Transferring Ownership

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 08.56.04.png

Transferring ownership to another user can be done via the “Team Settings” page. Once there, you can transfer the ownership to another individual on your team.



Administrators have all access to all projects. The only thing they cannot manage is the billing.


You can invite members to individual projects. This is helpful if you’re working with developers on some projects but not all. The advantage of inviting people as a member instead of having them use a guest report all the time:


When you enable guest embedding, anyone in the world can submit feedback without installing any plugins. A screenshot is captured using a client-side javascript libary that will submit a screenshot with their feedback to your integration.


Guests do not have any permissions on projects and they can only report feedback (not view, edit, delete, etc).